To keep your BeFAST product performing at it's best, please treat it with care and respect. Most of our products can be machine washed, cold water, delicate cycle, but please keep them out of the dryer. The metallic fabrics are fairly delicate; treat these garments with extra care and avoid over stretching.

General Care

Treated with care, BeFAST products will last a long time. This will particularly important if it becomes your lucky headpiece. We suggest that you don't stuff it in a bag with your velcro gloves or jacket; don't let it lay on the floor with your winter boots, don't leave it laying outside in the mud; don't let it near a hot iron; don't let your dog play with it.  And don't leave it laying around willy nilly...we've heard stories of headbands being stolen while the expensive ski gear was left behind.  Who knew?!

Please follow the care label directions for your BeFAST product. Some products do well in the washer and dryer, some do not. Our metallic products should never ever go in the dryer.

General Rule: Hand wash our products in the sink or in a machine that has a hand wash or delicate setting. Hang your product to dry unless it's a knit, then you should lie it flat. 

Velcro is a bad, bad, bad: Keep garments with velcro or zippers out your BeFAST laundry load. They are not gentle on our products.

Tassels have fragile egos: It doesn't seem to matter what brand, tassels, by nature, can be weak. They are beat up by machine agitators and other garments rather easily. Take utmost care, but if the tassel on your lucky hat succumbs to the pressure of the laundry load, contact us and we'll fix it for free.

Care of Heat Transfers

We use a stretch heat transfer on many of our custom products. This transfer is designed to give and take with the stretch of our garments. Follow our care instructions above and it will stay on for a long time without peeling or cracking.