Our Story

We are a custom sport apparel company - with ATTITUDE.

BeFAST was founded by athletes. We know what it takes to get your head in the game.

Our mission is to design and deliver products that not only offer superior performance but also give you a motivational edge. It takes more than training your body to perform; it takes mental attitude. In the course of doing business, we partner with other athletes whenever possible, because they get it too.


Who is BeFAST?

We are a mother/daughter team and we're not shy about telling our story. We started in 2011 by making headbands and selling them out of a backpack at nordic ski and running events. Yes, this was a little awkward, but friends and teammates kept asking for them. We made them as fast as we could.

Our headbands were noticed quickly because our bright and shimmery fabrics stood out in the crowd. Customers soon learned that BeFAST products not only looked cool, but actually stayed on, wicked sweat, felt soft, and were affordable. Our business grew rapidly - mostly by word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Athletes know that headbands and hats are part equipment, part fashion, and partly an extension of their personality. That's why we offer such a wide variety of fabrics to choose from and work with teams to create products that express their own image. We offer custom services for all size teams, whether teammates are a few or a few hundred. We do any type of sport that produces sweat.

There are many people behind the scenes at BeFAST. We work with a great team of technical designers, graphic artists and product testers. We are based in Minnesota, and we use local resources whenever possible. We manufacture in two locations in the USA - Minnesota and California. Our knit line is made in Canada. Some of our fabric is imported.

BeFEAST at Expo

Our Modeling Team

How do you shoot winter product photos June?  With attitude of course.

Our Promise To You

Making you happy is paramount to us. As athletes ourselves, we have purchased our share of poor apparel. We’ve worn scratchy seams that have chaffed our bodies raw; clothes that promised technical performance, but felt like dead weight slowing us down; and hats that were either so tight we got headaches or so loose they slid down and blinded us mid race. (True story)

We stand behind our products 100%, and we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you aren’t, let us know and we will make it right.